What is the Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP)?

A Government programme committed to intensify and accelerate efforts to achieve the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children. The South African Government is committed to investigating the root and underlying causes of Gender Based Violence, and has already developed va national action plan that will ensure a stronger, collaborative and more focused response to violence against women and children.

What can VEP do for me as a victim?

VEP empowers you by providing information necessary to educate you about violence against women and children, support you and lead you to help facilities.

Can I make an anonymous report of abuse?

Yes, we have a private platform where victims can communicate with social workers.

Will I be able to get help whenever needed?

Yes, as soon as a social worker is available.

How old do I have to be to report a case

There is no age restriction when reporting a case.

What happens if the individual abusing me is my guardian?

You can report a case against your guardian. You will then be relocated to a safe house for your safety if required.

What issues can I report?

Human trafficking, Abuse of Older Persons, child sexual assault, domestic violence, Abuse of Persons with Disabilities, and sexual assault.

What do I do if someone I know is a victim of abuse?

You can report a case on the person’s behalf.

What happens after I report a case on the site?

A social worker will look at the case then respond to it per the type of case. If required, the Social Worker will report this case to the SAPS to seek further support and help for the victim.

What role will the social worker play in assisting the victim?

Providing information necessary to support and educate the victim and guide them through the healing process.

Is there a safe place I can be moved to if I don’t want to stay with the abusive individual?