The Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster (JCPS) comprises of, amongst others, the Departments of Police, Home Affairs, Justice and Correctional Services, and Defence and Military Veterans. The cluster works together to streamline resources to achieve its objectives of reducing crime, improving the efficiency of the criminal justice system, dealing with corruption, managing South Africa’s borders, improving our population registration system, and prioritising the fight against and prevention of cyber-crimes.

The cluster not only focuses on the reduction of crime but also the streamlining of the criminal justice system as well as correctional services system to improve all aspects of justice, crime prevention and security through better understanding of the work of departments that fall within this cluster.

At its core, the JCPS is about strengthening coordination so that there is better communication between the work of different departments within the cluster. This coordination gives the South African government its advantage in achieving Chapter 12 of the NDP which talks to building safer communities.